Some Considerations about Love's Nature

Love is not an emotion - it is a longing

Love is highly emotional - but love is not an emotion; it produces emotions. Understanding this difference is crucial; it can help you prevent a lot of difficulties, errors and pain. If you judge the truth, depth, and strength of your love by its emotional charge, you will lose your path in the natural emotional changes. Like the sea, our heart has currents and tidings. It can be moved to violent thunder, rhythmic play of waves, airy exaltation of spume or exquisite peace. Neither form is more sea than the others.
Do you ask yourself sometimes the question: Do I feel enough for my partner? Will I feel enough for my future partner?...

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Love is feeling, it is not an emotion

Love is feeling, but it is not an emotion. Being sensitive is something else than being emotional. We can feel strong love and yet be emotionally very calm.
There is a difference between feelings and emotions. Emotions are a special kind of feelings, but not all feelings are emotions. Their source and character are quite different; that makes it crucial to discern them in order to understand ourselves, others, and love.

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Love is dedication - not an emotion

We cannot steer nor control whom we fall in love with. Mostly, love enters or hits us with surprise. Nor have we a say in whether our love is responded to or not. Yet, when in a relationship, we do have choices: to follow our love, express it, feed and cherish it - or not. Falling in love is quite another chapter than staying in love.
If love was an emotion, we could do little about it and were dependent on its whims. But as love is something else, there are ways to let it flourish!

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