About Thomas and Alet

Alet is very strong, grounded and present during coaching which gives an immense sense of safety and space and both are needed for successful transformation and completion of the inner process. I have met many therapists over the years who simply could not 'hold' my energy and support the process of change and Alet could. She is well tuned in but not invasive, which provides the feeling of safety and reflects respect for privacy. Alet has an amazing talent in seeing what elements of the process are important to look at and what can be left for the client to process undisturbed. Through this awareness she can navigate the session so that the client flows effortlessly towards their intended results. She is patient, attentive and continually present, giving appropriate guidance and feedback at the right moment. For my own process I found her down to Earth approach, tact, groundedness and respect for the process of most value.


The principal feature that struck me when I first saw Thomas was an air of quiet, calm alertness which makes me feel my own alertness and curiosity rise in response. He pays close, loving and deeply respectful, rapt attention. He is very present. His approach is gentle, benign and focused, and his caring presence is palpable throughout. In Thomas' presence I feel safe, held, felt, seen, heard, understood, and completely accepted; but more than this - as I've seen him do for others - I feel seen by Thomas in a greater way than I can see myself, and it makes me want to grow to realise his version of myself. I really like what he sees I me. I rate Thomas as a first-class coach and mentor, and a lovely human being. I'd recommend him to anyone sincerely seeking to make sense of themselves and any aspect of their lives. Work with Thomas cannot fail to be revealing, fulfilling and deeply rewarding.


About our Relationship Event

The event was perfectly balanced in terms of exercises, open space etc, and I loved the way that the facilitators were able to feel into what was right in the moment.


Most valuable for me was the first-date role play. I learnt so much about how to be real from the start, rather than polite, and not to worry about how the man reacts, and that this only works if I am unattached to the outcome. And that being a bit edgy makes me more interesting from the male perspective. Big lesson/insight.


I am grateful for the simple, down to earth ways to incorporate methods such as ‘tracking’ into my daily life, thought provoking exercises and the skilful leading of the various ideas, emotions and arguments within the circle. I don’t quite know the right words to show my gratitude. It’s nearly 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say it HAS changed my life.


About our Relationship Coaching

The individual session with Thomas and Alet about a complicated relational theme in my life had great beauty. Their full attention and the beautiful collaboration between them offered me a lot of safety. In a subtle way they guided my focus away from the problems of the past to what I want NOW. That created more space in me and set free an unexpected longing. I can only recommend working with them!


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