Open up to love, its clear joy and surprising power

We offer you a safe space where you can explore your longings, your obstacles and unknown possibilities in a playful way

In our retreats you can experience what makes love flourish - and what tends to turn it into a hell. The better you understand the dynamics in a relationship, the easier you can navigate the challenges.

In exercises and free processes you can explore how you can:
  • allow in more love and happiness than you are used to
  • connect deeply without merging with your partner
  • openly and gently express your own wishes and needs and respond freely to your partner’s
  • set clear yet loving boundaries and gracefully respect your partner's 'no'
  • deal with all the different emotions, including jealousy, irritation, anger, fear and shame, and use them as fuel for your connection
  • tap into the healing potential of conflicts
  • cherish sexuality as part of an overall intimacy
  • We love to share what we have found
    On our lifelong journey
    In our precious relationship
    In our professional quest


Love is not an emotion – and how much suffering could be avoided if lovers would know it is not! Emotions change - and if you judge the value of your love by them, you might deem gold to be sand or sand to be gold.
Indeed, love generates a lot of strong emotions – but its very core is not emotional.

  • Love is a want: longing to deeply connect with your beloved
  • Love is a gift: giving full attention and presence to your partner
  • Love is a dance: finding in any moment balance and flow.
Love is willing and able to hold all emotions and all life.
And it is so much more…

Watch here a few more common misunderstandings:


If you are open to be surprised and inspired
To embrace more joy and love than you considered possible

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where we can explore together
if our way of working is a fit for you

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