The coaching and the retreats are offered by Thomas de Neve and Alet Holwerda, a Dutch couple with international experience in coaching and facilitating, bringing quite a rich and diverse background into play. Both are a certified Heart Intelligence Coach and Facilitator, deeply inspired by Christian Pankhurst’s work.

Alet Holwerda
May the frames of your belonging be large enough for the dreams of your soul
(John O'Donohue)

In my professional life I love to create spaces where each individual can grow into his or her full potential and be fully connected at the same time. I have been doing that in different settings: as a teacher in grammar school, as a therapist (psychosynthesis) and as a coach for groups, couples and singles. Relationship-wise, I lived alone until I met Thomas; I was 46 years old then. I had a fulfilling life in all other aspects and enjoyed it deeply. Yet, I yearned for a relationship. I have experienced passionate but unrequited love, deep loneliness and strong doubts about myself. When I met Thomas I experienced from the beginning a surprising ease in deeply connecting with him. I am glad that I have never settled for less.

Thomas de Neve
Life is short, but broad
(Spanish saying)

I have a passion for life in all its richness and yearn to deeply understand it. I love to break out of the box and invite people into exploration and playfulness. Professionally, I have done that when working in theatre, when I offer personal development business courses, and as a coach for groups, couples and singles. Relationship-wise, I have experienced bliss and pain of intimate relationships, moving through a short triangular relationship, a period of bisexuality and a long marriage leading to growing solitude and pain – it finally ended in a divorce. I have deeply enjoyed raising four children. In my marriage with Alet, what my heart had always been holding as possible finally came true.

Thomas and Alet In our current relationship we experience what is possible in love. It is a marriage that, after seven intense and sometimes challenging years, feels as fresh as on the first day and at the same time keeps deepening and broadening for us both. We love to share what has been given to us. So we invite you into our space to inspire and assist you in finding your own way to real love.

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