Love: the ultimate life challenge

Love can be the source of deep joy and miraculous healing or a way to agony and solitude.

If you wanted to surf ocean waves, wouldn't you learn and practice in order to be able to fully enjoy it? To keep your balance and playfully choose your way amidst all intensity? And if you wanted to tango, wouldn't you take lessons and practice again and again so that you could relax and enjoy the intense connection and move in it with grace?

It is not about you failing, it is about love being difficult.

What constitutes a good relationship, is a paradox:

  • be very close to each other and at the same time feel free to move
  • commit to continuity and yet experience novelty time and again
  • share our power and strength as well as our vulnerability and weakness
  • be cherished as we are, but also develop into our full potential.
To make things more complicated, when we experience real love, old wounds will inevitably become activated.
That will create friction, tension, and disorientation - and yet, it offers an opportunity for healing.

Why should you set out for love on your own?

Why not practice to move beyond your well-known patterns? Why not learn to understand the dynamics and to navigate the challenges? Why not invest in exploring what touches our lives so deeply?

We love to share with you what we learnt, experienced and discovered in our private lives and in our professional quest.

No matter if you are in a relationship or looking for one
If you long for real love,
If you are no longer willing to settle for less

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